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My order: 



  • How to place an order on the site?


4 steps to follow: 


Step 1: select your products

While choosing products make sure to indicate the desired quantity then click buy. Your product will be automatically saved in your order.


Step 2: Manage your basket

Throughout your order, your basket is updated automatically. Top right of the screen, you can see the number of products already registered. If you want to view the details of your current order, click on "Shopping Cart". Then you can modify  it (quantity, adding / removing a product.



Step 3: Enter your delivery details

Once your product selection is complete, click "place order" button below the "basket".

- If you have already created an account on the Internet, simply log in and your delivery address will be automatically filled.

- If you do not have a customer account on the internet, just create your account by indicating all the information marked with a red star. Let it guide you, everything is indicated.


Step 4: Choose your payment method and confirm the payment of your order

When an order summary appears, click on "proceed to checkout". In order to validate your order, simply choose your payment by paying directly by paypal or credit card.

You will also receive an email confirming your order. Your product will be delivered within 48 to 96 h.



  • Should you put the same shipping and billing address? 


It is imperative to fill in your details carefully for the proper delivery of your order.

All fields should be filled except for the area "State / Region / Canton."

By default, the billing information is the same as delivery. However, you can define different delivery address than the billing address if you wish.


My account:




  • How to create an account on the site


Simply click on My Account at the top of the home page and enter your details there and then validate. Your account is automatically created, it will allow you to place an order.

Remember to save your password, you will need it for each connection.   


  • How do I change my email address or my password?



You are identified on this site by a username and a password. To simplify the prodedure the username is the e-mail address under which you are registered.

When you register, you are asked for a password that must contain at least 6 characters. These characters must be alphabetic (a to z) or digital (0 to 9). You can enter this information in capital letters or small-letters.




  • I forgot my password, what to do ?  


If you do not remember your password, click "forgot password?",  un e-mail with your information will be immediately sent to your email address.

Delivery and tracking of :



  • What are the costs and the delivery time ?



Alexis Shop processes your order immediately. You are delivered within 2 to 4 days.

Shipping fees are offered for all orders over 29.90 euros. If your order is less than this amount, € 8 for shipping  will be asked.

All orders are shipped with collisimo.



  • How do I know if my order has been received or sent?



An email is sent to you once your order has been processed. After receiving this email, you will receive your parcel within 48 hours.




  • How to know where is my package?



To find out where your package is, you just have to send us an e-mail to contact@alexiscosmetic.com. With Colissimo code,you can track your parcel on the site of Colissimo.




  • What happens if I am not there to receive my package ?



If you are not at home when receiving this package, it is stored at the post-office.

You then have 15 days to pick up your parcel at the post-office. If you do not collect your parcel beyond this period, it will be returned to us.




  • What are the procedures for return or exchange?

We pay particular attention to the preparation of all parcels. All packages are checked manually.

If, despite all our efforts for quality, you were not satisfied with one of the products, Alexis shop  is committed to replace it or reimburse you.

The fees of returning the product are at you expense ans shoul accompanied by an explanatory letter.


  • What happens if the products are missing from my order or if a product is damaged?  


We pay particular attention to the preparation of all parcels. All packages are checked manually.

If one or more products of your order is missing , simply send us an email explaining the situation with your contact information. Alexis's shop will find a solution to this problem.

If any products are damaged, please email us a photo of these products. We will arrange to forward them to you.




Payment and security:



  • Can I pay safely on www.laboutiquedalexis.com?


The safe online payment is secured by  PayPal using the PayPal system.
Card numbers are never transmitted or stored on our servers, which ensures the best security for payment.


PayPal ensures the overall management of online payment, starting from the card transaction on the Internet until the bank deposit. After recording the order and delivery details, the user chooses to pay the purchase online with PayPal that manages the various stages of the transaction in accordance with a secure data exchange protocol that encrypts the information (SSL: Secure Socket Layer).




  • What are the payment terms


 If you do not have a paypal account, you can pay directly on the site with your credit card.

Product Information :




  • Find a product on the site :



To find an article, simply enter one or more keywords in the form on the left of the screen and click on "ok".

If your search is not successful, try a different spelling or enter just the beginning of the term you search.



  • Preservation of our products :


All our products are carefully kept away from temperature.

The period of use of our products is indicated on each of our products via the logo   :

   ex: 6M = 6 months after opening



Do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find the answer to your question in this section.